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IDEA StatiCa Connection

Engineers typically design steel connections that follow prescribed building code requirements based on lab empirical testing, computational model verification and engineering judgment. However, many projects have situations where the connection design must be validated using engineering judgment or even perform a more comprehensive connection analysis. IDEA StatiCa Connection provides a method and tools for analysis and check of steel joints of general shapes and loadings. The software is the result of long-term experience with development of component method (CM), practical experience with design of steel structures and proven professional experience with FEM and SW development.

IDEA StatiCa Connection is

GENERAL, so that it is useable for most of joints, anchors, and details used in building practice.

SIMPLE and FAST, so that it provides results in time comparable with currently existing methods and tools.

COMPREHENSIBLE, so that structural engineer gets clear information about joint behavior, stress, strain and reserves of individual components and about overall safety and reliability.

Screenshots of IDEA StatiCa Connection in Action