NX Nastran for Femap ist ein leistungsfähiges, bewährtes FEM System für die Berechnung und Simulation von mechanischen und thermischen Vorgängen sowie Strömungen.

NX Nastran for Femap - Aeroelasticity

Aeroelastic analysis is a capability that enables the analysis of structural models in the presence of an airstream. With NX Nastran® – Aeroelasticity, an optional add-on module to NX Nastran – Basic software, you have access to static aeroelastic capabilities for stress, load, aerodynamic and control system analysis and design using a common finite element representation. As such, it is applicable in the design of airplanes, helicopters, missiles, suspension bridges and even tall chimneys and power lines.

Benefits through Aeroelasticity software solution

Screenshots of NX Nastran for Femap in Action