ProSteel ist eine innovative 3D-Modellierungssoftware für den Stahl- und Metallbau.

ProSteel - Tools for 3D design and 2D documentation

ProSteel provides an array of easy-to-master tools for 3D design and 2D documentation to create and modify structural steel objects. It includes a number of routines to automatically complete tasks – such as the creation of standard connections, shop and overview drawings, parts lists, and NC data – that would normally consume a great deal of the designer’s time. Through the ProSteel Revision Manager you can track and manage all modifications on objects and documents.

At the same time, the interoperability of ProSteel allows it to integrate seamlessly with other facets of the engineering design chain including structural analysis and design (such as STAAD® and RAM™) and plant design (AutoPLANT®). This helps AEC firms streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and maximize productivity, leading to a significant return on their investment in this innovative software.

Screenshots of ProSteel in Action