STAAD(X).Tower - Comprehensive Analysis and Design Tools

STAAD(X).Tower easily allows engineers to generate self-supporting towers, guyed towers and monopoles using its parametric setup wizards. And STAAD(X).Tower offers bi-directional interoperability with other STAAD(X) products like STAAD(X) and to provide additional analysis and design of your structure.

Engineers now have the flexibility to design physical members as per tia-222-f and tia-222-g codes. The design capability includes both trusses as well as frame member types. For each physical member the user can explicitly define the design parameters following the desired standard and can browse the detail design calculation with allallowable and actual values.

With STAAD(X).Tower, external components like antennas, appurtenances, and platforms can easily be attached and can generate wind, ice, seismic loads following the tia codes along with other standard reference loads. The robust analysis and design engine (as per tia-222-f & tia-222-g codes) helps to minimize efforts to obtain the analysis and design results.

STAAD(X).Tower provides easy drag & drop features for inserting non-structural components like dish antennas, appurtenances, and platform mounts for monopoles. It also allows the user to browse and maintain the catalogs for such components. Additionally, users can adjust the mounting patterns and reorient tilt and azimuth angles for these components as required.

Screenshots of STAAD(X).Tower in Action