STAAD.Offshore - STAAD.Pro Design module for the API code

General Description

The implementation of the API design code into STAAD.Pro includes a comprehensive code check for all members with the option of automatic selection of the optimum member size if required. When the general member design has been completed, punching shear at the joints can be checked.

Punching Shear Check

For tubular members, punching shear may be checked in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute (API) RP2A – 20th Edition, 1993. The following joint types can be specified.

  • K (overlap)
  • K (gap)
  • T & Y
  • CROSS (without diaphragms)
  • CROSS (with diaphragms)

Automatic selection of the chord and brace members can be performed by STAAD. The punching shear check is carried out on the joint treating it as a T & Y joint. Where a punching shear check is carried out the geometry data used in the check can be written to an external file. This file can also be used for inputting data to represent can/stub geometry or to specify chords that could not be identified automatically.

Screenshots of STAAD.Offshore in Action